We supply and Support wide range of desktop PC’s & workstation provide attractive solutions based on your needs. If you are a corporate entity or an individual looking for a solution you need not look any further :-

With Remote monitoring service facility, You can virtually monitor the premises from remote location.

Desktop PCs, (Both Windows and Mac)
Thin clients
Point of Sale(POS)
Optional Accessories

With this ever changing world and this continuously challenging environment computing power is a key factor to a successful organization. With the wider angle of Servers & Enterprise Solutions one can be sure of success. Servers are built to provide you with what you require, and optimum level of satisfaction.

Our Server base Solutions are complete suite of computer based Business applications. We offer deployment, installation and comprehensive yearly or Per-call services on the MS Windows and MAC environments.

Server Installation and Migration, Desktop Installation and Up gradation
Hosting and Web server Solution
Domain Solutions
Anti Virus Server Solutions
E-mail Server Solutions
Proxy Server Solutions

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